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School Fundraising

SCHOOL FUNDRAISING: In 16 years of supporting school fundraising, we have learned many things. One thing is that fundraising is about raising money. We have also learned is that schools can raise money when selling a unique item and when schools are having fun fundraising. FanFlips flip flops fundraiser is an incredibly unique, fun, and profitable fundraiser. FanFlips has worked with thousands of K-12 schools, all over the nation, and helped to raise millions of dollars in profits. Whether you are a school club, organization, or team, PTA, PTO, or PTSA, we can help you raise money. Whether you are raising funds for the school band or choir, the booster club, or student council, FanFlips can bolster your profits. FanFlips is based in Texas.

It is so easy.

  • We work with you to generate a flip flop design that will be most appealing to your community. Most common designs involve your school colors and logo.
  • The design can include solid strap colors, polka dots, chevron stripes, and many other options.
  • Once a design is approved, we can provide a Pre-Sales Order Form to distribute into the community and you collect orders during the campaign, OR you can order a variety of sizes and sell from inventory.
  • Schools see amazing profits. Over the years, we have seen many schools have over $15,000 in profit with the FanFlips fundraiser. We have worked with schools that run the FanFlips fundraiser multiple times during the year. (Spring as weather warms, and Fall when students return.)
  • Our size range of XXS-XXL accommodates all age groups.
  • The content is embroidered into the strap, so rest assured, your design is not going to rub off like silk screened content does. And the content is on all 4 straps, not just 2 straps.
  • The flip flops are comfortable and durable.
  • We make it easy for you and guide you through the process.

FanFlips has 100% Client Retention and Satisfaction.

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