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School Fundraising

SCHOOL FUNDRAISING: The FanFlips flip flops fundraiser is fun, easy, popular, and a profitable way to support your fundraising plans. Everyone wears flip flops!

  • We produce flip flops designed to reflect your school colors and logo.
  • The design can include solid colors, polka dots, chevron stripes, and many other options.
  • Schools see amazing profits with just one FanFlips fundraiser.
  • We provide sizes XXS-XXL for all age groups.
  • The strap content is embroidered.
  • The flip flops are comfortable and durable.
  • We make it easy for you and guide you through the process.

FanFlips started 15 years ago, and has 100% Client Retention and Satisfaction. This fundraiser will be easy, fun and generate a great profit for any school organization, Bands, PTA, Booster Clubs, Choirs, Sports Teams, etc.

Click any flip flop to view as a larger image.