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School Fundraising

SCHOOL FUNDRAISING: This is our 20th year of supporting schools, teams, clubs, organizations, and many other groups associated with the school. Our goal is to make your fundraising experience with FanFlips the most stress free, profitable, successful, and unique fundraiser. With your input, we create a design incorporating your school colors, school name, school mascot name, and logo or mascot. We then provide an presale order form for you to distribute into your community. The order form has your design imbedded into the order form for an effective visualization of the footwear design. Schools normally run the fundraiser for 2-4 weeks. Once you collect the forms, you simply tally up the sizes and quantities, and email us those figures. Production begins soon afterward, and we provide FedEx tracking information to you so you can track the shipment. IT’S THAT EASY!! We have a low minimum, and most schools will make $16 per pair. We pride ourselves, for the past 20 years, on working closely with you to ensure success. When you are successful, we feel like we have been successful. The first step is completing the Contact Page form, and requesting a design. You’ll receive an email within 24 hours.

FanFlips school branded footwear is a unique, fun, comfortable, durable, long-lasting product, and a profitable and easy fundraiser.

The footwear content is woven into the fabric strap, for a long-lasting and clean appearance. The toe strap is cloth and is comfortable. The toe strap is securely buried into the sole for durability, so you won’t have any “blow-outs”. The sole has a orthotic arch for comfort and support.

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