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School Fundraising

SCHOOL FUNDRAISING: Flip Flops, Slides, Keyrings, and Belts. We take your design vision and convert that into a wearable or useful fundraiser item. In 17 years, we have enjoyed supporting school fundraising efforts. Whether you are with the school PTA, Boosters. The flip flops, keyrings, and belts are embroidered for a clean, long-lasting appearance. Fundraising can be very fun and stressfree, and we are here to prove that to you.

It is so easy.

  • We work with you to create the most appealing design.
  • Once that design is identified, we will provide a paper Pre-Sale Order Form
  • Technology and school operations have changed over time, so we can provide input regarding an online fundraising forum. It could include the design image, a sizing chart, and payment method similar to PayPal or Squareup.

FanFlips has 100% client retention and satisfaction.

Click any flip flop to view as a larger image.