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Fan Flips





Welcome to FanFlips – Custom Embroidered Flip Flops for all occasions!

  • FanFlips custom designed flip flops reflect specific content, text and color schemes.
  • The content on the strap is embroidered, not screened.
  • The comfortable rubber sole has a contoured arch support.
  • The fabric straps feel great with web backing to add structure and durability.
  • Fulfillment of orders is quick and delivered directly to you.
  • FanFlips flip flops are available in children sizes XXS to XXL Adult sizes.
  • FanFlips Custom Flip Flops started 15 years ago and has a long record of customer satisfaction proven by its 100% client retention and no returns.
  • FanFlips partners with K-12 schools and organizations to support fundraising efforts.
  • FanFlips works with college and university bookstores to generate more visibility and revenue, as well as to support admissions and recruitment activities.
  • FanFlips supports company and corporate efforts to enhance branding, special events such as conferences and conventions, as well as product launches.
  • FanFlips helps boost retail and boutique revenue initiatives with profitable and popular flip flops of any design.


FanFlips started 15 years ago, and has 100% Client Retention and Satisfaction. We are a family-owned business based in North Texas. Our customers range from school groups, college teams, alumni offices, non-profit organizations, corporations and families. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience by providing high quality products and exceptional service.