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RETAIL: The retail environment can be exciting and challenging. FanFlips wants to bring you a refreshingly new revenue stream. Branded flip flops, slides, keyrings, and belts. Whether the content involves a local event, a national holiday, a or special attraction, we want to capture that vision. The popular beer festival, the Fourth of July, or a the popular monument are all fair game for design possibilities. We have worked with some retail outlets that simply asked us to produce a few specific designs like Happy Camper with some trailers, and another I Don’t Need Therapy, I Just Need to Go Camping.

  • We work with you to generate a flip flop design that will be most appealing to your community.
  • The design can include solid strap colors, polka dots, chevron stripes, and many other options.
  • FanFlips offers whole pricing
  • FanFlips can warehouse and inventory.
  • Flip flop, keyring, and belt content is embroidered.
  • Highly profitable
  • Low minimums.

FanFlips started 17 years ago, and has 100% client retention and satisfaction.

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